Xperior Farm Health is an exciting collaboration between two successful veterinary businesses, each with a consistent record of high quality and reliable client service. These are:

Eville & Jones

Eville & Jones; the long-established, expert service provider in inspection/testing services in the fields of animal health, public health and animal welfare.

Eville & Jones was set up in 1993 in a small room of a veterinary practice by two vets, who believed they could provide an improved meat hygiene inspection service to local abattoirs. Today, they employ more than 450 veterinary staff nationwide and provide a fully managed Official Veterinarian (OV) service to UK Competent Authorities.

The company is also a significant provider of out-sourced official veterinary control services in Europe. Their success has been achieved through high customer satisfaction based on the company’s core principles of efficiency, competence and excellence in service delivery.

Westpoint Veterinary Group

Westpoint Veterinary Group; a specialist, farm-animal-only veterinary practice operating from 17 sites to provide farmers with a very high standard of locally based services.

Westpoint Veterinary Group was started as a one-man practice by Rob Drysdale in 2000. Since then, it has grown to become the largest veterinary group in the UK specialising in production animals. At 17 practices spread countrywide, more than 50 veterinary surgeons serve the needs of the farming community.

Westpoint’s achievements are based on dedication to providing consistently high-quality veterinary services, covering hands-on clinical work, advice and support, and cost effective supply of medicines. The success relies upon intimately understanding the businesses of farmers. Our aim is to provide the highest level of specialist farm veterinary service to UK farmers, with a focus on livestock productivity and welfare, and thereby clients’ profitability.