How we can help you

Xperior Farm Health has delivered, and continues to deliver, a number of successful projects to our primary customer, APHA:

Avian Influenza Outbreak: Xperior Farm Health provided a number of vets to APHA in the face of the recent Avian Infulenza outbreak. These vets carried out site visits to registered bird holdings to sample, assess and advise and successfully limit the spread of disease.

Provision of Veterinary Inspectors: Xperior Farm Health have recently won and delivered to tenders across England, Scotland and Wales to provide suitably qualified staff to act as Veterinary Inspectors. These vets investigate animal diseases in farmed livestock of both notifiable diseases and endemic diseases to help fulfil the surveillance requirements of APHA.

Provision of Animal Health Officers: Xperior Farm Health also provides a number of AHOs across Great Britain. These non-veterinary staff are involved in sample collection, premises inspection and completion of registration documents for APHA.

Bovine Farm Level Risk Management Project: Xperior Farm Health will be undertaking advice visits to farmers within the two badger cull areas with regards to bovine tuberculosis biosecurity advice. This involves giving bespoke advice to farmers on how to reduce the risk of bovine tuberculosis spread within, into and out of their units by using measures tailored to each farm on reducing cattle to cattle, cattle to wildlife and wildlife to cattle spread.